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How I work



We will start with a consultation meeting via video, to see if we'd like to work together, and talk about your hopes for therapy. From there, we'll set a fee together, complete informed consent, talk about what you want to work on. We'll meet a few times to see if we are a good fit. If we agree we are, we will continue to meet on a weekly basis, to build a strong relationship together. Many of my clients work with me for several years until they are ready to move on, but we can collaborate to design the timeline of our work, depending on what your needs and goals are. 


I work from a strongly humanistic, relational, psychodynamic and somatic approach. I will listen to you and follow your lead on what feels the most important to you to talk about. I'll invite exploration about how your early experiences have impacted you and your current relationships, and how different parts of you have developed to help you survive. I'll also share my knowledge of how your physical body holds these experiences, and how to tune in to your internal felt sense to find out what the hurting parts of you need. 


I draw from my training in relational psychotherapy,  Janina Fisher's model of parts work (TIST: Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment), and the client-centered model of Brainspotting. I am also informed and inspired by (though not officially certified or trained in) Internal Family SystemsStephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory and Resmaa Menachem's Somatic Abolitionism work.


In my work with couples, I am learning to use parts work and Brainspotting in conjunction with Imago dialogues (Cherie Lindberg's model). I am also in ongoing training in The Couples' Institute model, which explores the developmental stages of relationships, and I am also informed by (though not officially certified or trained to completion in) Emotion Focused Therapy , which looks at patterns in relationships and the emotional needs that are underneath them.


As we work together in therapy, I will often inquire about what you notice you are feeling inside as we go, so we can honor the protective wisdom of your nervous system and the different parts of you. Many times, if you are interested, I will integrate breathing exercises, QiGong, visual imagery, and spiritual/faith-affirming exploration into our work, to help you strengthen your internal sense of collaboration and groundedness

I will check in with you often to see if you feel heard by me, how our differences or similarities impact our work, and if there are places I’m not getting you--I welcome your feedback on how I can better attune to you.  

So that I can provide my very best to you, I pursue ongoing training to sharpen my skills, and I seek consultation and accountability regularly with other licensed psychotherapists from a range of backgrounds and modalities--including the modalities I have mentioned above.

I do not take insurance at this time, but I can provide a superbill for you. Confirm what your insurance company requires and offers regarding reimbursement.

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