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I offer

an empathetic presence

to help clients 

befriend and tend

to their inner selves

  • Individual therapy

  • Relationship counseling

  • Grief counseling​

Welcome. I'm so glad you're here.


Are you longing to find grounding inside and in your relationships? 

Trauma from relational suffering; struggles in relationship with body and mind; being at a crossroads with identity, gender/s or life phase; spiritual crises; grief and loss--these experiences can be complicated to make our way through and can sometimes make us feel disconnected and untethered from ourselves and others. 


We might experience overwhelm, numbness, anxiety, loneliness, intense need to please others, frightening intrusive thoughts, fear of abandonment, compulsive and self-destructive habits, sleep problems, depression, suicidal thoughts, shame, panic attacks and/or rage.

Whether we are in or in between any or all of these experiences, I believe therapy can help. As we reconnect and rebuild a relationship with all of the parts of ourselves inside, we can then have healthier relationships with others. 

All we need is a willingness to try.


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